Absenteeism Temporary Disability

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La Act 35/2014 in PDFThis link will open in a pop-up window it examined the collaboration of Mutual Societies on matters relating to the management of Social Security, with two objectives:

  • To provide Mutual Societies with instruments that contribute to improving the management of the different provisions for the benefit of the protected workers.
  • That this better attention should contribute to reducing unjustified absenteeism at work and, therefore, improve the competitiveness of companies, and consequently that of the economy as a whole.

That is why, as a Mutual Society collaborating with the Social Security administration, we collaborate with companies in understanding the causes of absenteeism IT as well as in the management of Temporary Incapacity absenteeism, in a personalised way and also with studies on the temporary incapacity of FREMAP's member companies, creating the FREMAP Temporary Incapacity Observatory