Occupational Contingency: Average rate by Activity Sector

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Year 2021
A Agriculture, Stockbreeding, Forestry and Fishing 5.11
B Extractive Industries 6.15
C Manufacturing Industry 5.53
D Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply 1.52
E Water Supply, Sewerage, Waste Management and Decontamination Activities 6.38
F Construction 8.85
G Wholesale and Retail Trade: Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorbikes 3.30
H Transportation and Storage 5.07
I Hotels and Catering 3.91
J Information and Communications 0.62
K Financial and Insurance Activities 0.48
L Real Estate Activities 1.15
M Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities 1.00
N Administrative Activities and Auxiliary Activities 5.09
OR Public Administration and Defence Compulsory Social Security 2.75
P Education 1.01
Q Healthcare and Social Service Activities 3.41
R Artisitc, Recreational and Entertainment Activities 3.55
S Other Services 2.13
T Household Activities as Employers of Domestic Staff; Husehold Acitivites as Producers of Goods and Services for Personal Use 0.85
U Activities of Extraterritorial Organsiations and Bodies 1.37
Preparation by FREMAP from the Data Source: BI Sectorial - collaborative Mutual Societies with the Social Security Institute (RESINA - Big Data on Absenteeism) ​​ ​​