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For FREMAP, it is essential to have communication systems that allow greater efficiency in the exchange of information with its member companies and protected workers.

Communication systems are:


It is a service where a company can obtain immediately reports on temporary disability management, reports on accident rates, and reports on the cost of temporary disability through the alerts services that inform companies by e-mail when the information is available and which can be organised according to the subjects that most interest them.

In addition the company can customising the report by choosing the frequency of reception and format (pdf, Excel)

Information from FREMAP ONLINE

You can access the following information at FREMAP ONLINE:

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  • Report on temporary disability rates for occupational contingency and common contingency: Shows the evolution of the rates of temporary incapacity due to occupational and common contingencies of the current year in comparison with previous years and in comparison with the sector.
  • Accident Rate Report: It shows the evolution of the accident rate comparing it to the company's business sector, and it shows the statistical data of work-related injuries communicated by the company via DELT@
  • Occupational Diseases Report: It shows the statistical data of confirmed processes, such as occupational diseases in the CEPROSS declaration form.
  • Report on TD for Common Contingencies: Shows the statistical data of the processes of sick leave due to common contingencies in the company in relation to the following statistical variables: by duration periods, gender, age, type of contract, Autonomous Community, day of the week, month and medical speciality.
  • Report on the comparison with FREMAP member companies in the sector: It shows information on the temporary disability rates for the selected sector of FREMAP member companies.
  • Reports on the Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Risk Rate: Shows the evolution of the Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Risk Rate.
  • Report on consultation of files : It shows the situation of the company's injured workers in real-time: leaves and discharges and the history of medical leaves by employee.
  • Assistance Alert due to Work-related Injuries: Companies receive by email all the information regarding medical leaves, discharges and non-leaves when workers are attended by FREMAP's Medical Services for a work-related injury.
  • Delt@ files Alert: A work-related injury must be notified to the Labour Authorities. This alert helps the company complete the official statements regarding work-related injuries with or without medical leave.
  • Urgent / severe / very severe / death notification: Accidents with serious consequences involve adopting decisions quickly. This is why FREMAP immediately informs companies about these cases.
    • The prognosis of injuries sustained by the worker are notified in real time (minor or severe prognosis).
    • As a result, the company can check the accident and evaluate whether proceed to notify the Labour Authorities in 24 h or not.
  • Assistance Alert due to Occupational Illness: An occupational illness requires a quick and coordinated intervention by FREMAP and the company. For this reason, FREMAP informs by email each time the Medical Services diagnose an occupational illness, as well as medical leaves and discharges.
  • Delegated payment Alert: It is a notification system that informs companies regarding the expected deduction per medical leave with the purpose of avoiding any differences.
  • BONUS Alert: This is an automatic alert that informs companies about the possibility of a BONUS, notifying the period to submit the request and any other aspect affecting this request.
  • FREMAP Informa Prevention Alert: FREMAP offers its member companies a service that has more than 19,000 subscribers and that aims to provide up-to-date information on health and safety at work


FREMAP Contigo is a platform aimed at covered employees, from where they will be able to view their doctor's appointments, access reports, set up customised alerts and have access to a large range of services.

It is an application that can be accessed by computer or mobile devices available for the main platforms.

Information from FREMAP Contigo

FREMAP Contigo can be used to access the following information:

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  • Locate FREMAP Centres, with the possibility of viewing them on a map or through augmented reality.
  • Direct emergency telephone number and geolocation coordinates.
  • Access to general interest information, such as:
    • Patient rights.
    • Information related to Social Security Contributions, Work Calendars by Autonomous Community or Claims.
    • Information about the steps to follow in the event of a Work-related injury or First aid.

In addition, FREMAP Contigo provides the worker with access to information and an easier way to carry out proceedings with FREMAP by entering the Private Area with a username and password. It provides access to the following services: next medical appointments, consultations and healthcare professionals providing assistance, direct line with the personal contact person and the FREMAP social worker.